Fine Songs, 9/19/2022
Five Songs

Fine Songs, 9/19/2022

The Beatles, "Let It Be"

When I find myself with no ideas / struggling to write a blog / I fall back on dumb jokes / mail it in

TWRP, "Only the Best"

OK, I don't love those lyrics there, but in the spirit of of mailing it in, I'm not going to take another run at them. Pulling aside the curtain a bit here at Five Songs Agglomerated, I pretty much just write these entries in stream-of-consciousness as I listen to the music, go back and just do a quick edit pass to fix typos or any really duff wording, and then call it good. Revising the joke goes agains the spirit of the thing, I think.

Downtown Boys, "Wave of History"

Damn, that build of drums, sax, then shouting really gets me going. I'm gonna throw a chair through my window!

Danny Weinkauf, "The Moon is Made of Cheese"

If you're thinking "this sounds like a They Might Be Giants kids' song", good ears! Danny Weinkauf is their longtime bassist, and has even written a couple of songs for those TMBG kids' records. He's released a few records on his own, in case you're looking for more stuff in the same vein.

Dr. Dre, "Forgot About Dre"

I have not forgotten that we've had this song before.

Isaac Hayes, "Theme From 'Shaft'"

I think we've had this song before, but it was the Wedding Present cover, not the original. Well, enjoy one of the iconic soul songs of all time, I know I will.

Joshua Buergel
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