Five Songs, 1/14/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/14/2018

Excellent set today.

Danger Doom, "Mince Meat"

This is a collaboration between Danger Mouse (Gorillaz, a bunch of his own work) and MF Doom. And, like basically all Doom projects, it's a pleasure to hear him rhyming. His patterns are so fascinating, and Danger Mouse's production is as solid as always. This is a really good album, is what I'm saying.

De La Soul, "Change In Speak"

Speaking of great production, Prince Paul did such an amazing job with Three Feet High And Rising. The album I'm maybe most looking forward to this year is Superblack's album, as it's a collaboration between Prince Paul and J-Zone. I'm fired up!

Discordance Axis, "Castration Rite"

After our last song from them, which wasn't a song from them at all, here's what Discordance Axis normally sounds like. Breakneak grindcore, so blistering that it's hard to really get a handle on everything going on.

Melvins, "Joan Of Arc"

When Dale Crover comes in 47 seconds in, goddamn. Just try to listen to this and not nod your head. Can't be done! (I resuse to believe anybody who says otherwise.) Damn, today is seriously good so far. Come on, Amazon, bring us home!

Skin Yard, "Drunk on Kerosene"

Ehhh, not ideal, but not bad. Skin Yard were pioneers in the grunge scene in Seattle, never making it big themselves, but a bunch of Skin Yard alumni made huge contributions to the music scene. Jack Endino, guitarist for Skin Yard, was one of the most beloved producers in Seattle, helping to shape the sound of so many bands. I mean, just look at this list of credits.. Endino would be enough of an influence, but the rotating cast of Skin Yard drummers would end up playing in bands like Soundgarden, Tad, Mother Love Bone, The Presidents of the United States of America, Love Battery...that's a heck of a list.

As for the music itself, well, it pretty much fits into that scene as well. Soundgarden is probably the closest comparison, with that same marriage of punk and metal that Soundgarden did so well. This album, Fist Sized Chunks, and the follow-up (1000 Smiling Knuckles) are both worth checking out.

Joshua Buergel
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