Five Songs, 1/15/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/15/2020

Khruangbin, "Maria También"

What the hell is this? This is really good! I feel like past Josh sent me a present. I almost certainly picked this up from an appearance in a year-end roundup, and it got lost in the shuffle last year. I do that with a few albums every year. I'm excited!

High On Fire, "Downing Dog"

Don't drown dogs! That's not nice! And not especially metal!

Kanye West, "Hey Mana"

The artist who made Late Registration seems so distant from the Kanye West of today. This is a really beautiful beat, though.

The Messthetics, "The Weaver"

The Messthetics are Bendan Canty and Joe Lally (Fugazi) along with Anthony Pirog on guitar, playing instrumental post-rock and occasionally post-hardcore. It's pretty enjoyable stuff, if quite a bit more cerebral and less visceral than Fugazi most of the time.

This Will Destroy You, "A Three-Legged Workhorse"

OK, let's close out with some big, cinematic post-rock. Why not! I don't have much to say today!

Joshua Buergel
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