Five Songs, 1/21/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/21/2020

Voodoo Glow Skulls, "[Hidden Track]"

There are some things I miss from physical media. Browsing through music stores, looking at cover art, reading through booklets for liner notes and credits, all that stuff was fun. But it's nice not having to shuffle around CDs, it's nice not to have to lug stuff around when I want to listen to something different, and it's really, really nice not to have to deal with stupid hidden tracks.

Benton Falls, "Untitled Demo 1"

...of course, even when you download records, you'll sometimes get some extra junk. No way to win, folks!

They Might Be Giants, "Eight Hundred And Thirteen Mile Car Trip"

Well, look, yesterday was really good!

This is one of the songs on the kids' albums that really wouldn't be totally out of place on any of their records. It's on Here Come The 123s because it contains a lot of numbers, basically.

Ween, "The Goin' Get Tough From The Getgo"

It's actually the case that if you chatted about They Might Be Giants on Usenet in the early 90s, you'd get a lot of recommendations for Ween. But I never particularly saw it. I suppose there's similarity in the irreverent approach to music, but there's a sort of intentional ugliness in Ween that isn't there in TMBG. Maybe not ugliness, but they're not really out there to create catchy tunes a lot of the time.

The Delgados, "Make Your Move"

Hooray, the playlist is saved! Although, honestly, this isn't the best track on The Great Eastern. So, maybe not. Tune in tomorrow, folks!

Joshua Buergel
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