Five Songs, 1/22/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/22/2019

Here's today!

Nickel Creek, "You Don't Know What's Going On"

This project has now gone on long enough that I can't really remember which bands I've introduced and which ones I have not. And, honestly, it's not reasonable to assume everybody has read/listened to every one of these. So, if I happen to repeat myself on anything, I apologize, but let's just pretend that it's because I felt like enough time had passed and not because I have a tenuous grasp on my marbles.

Anyway, bluegrass/neo-folk band Nickel Creek broke up after the sublime Why Should The Fire Die?, but they got back together in 2014 for a reunion tour and a new album, A Dotted Line. While it's not their best work, in that it feels kind of safe and a little straightforward, the band still writes nice tunes and the playing is impeccable as always. So, while it's probably the album I'd pick up last, it's worth having.

Jello Biafra With The Melvins, "Halo of Flies"

I kind of feel like everything you need to know about this project is contained in the name of the band. This is, indeed, Jello Biafra fronting the Melvins. This is the trio version of the Melvins featuring Kevin Rutamanis (Cows) on bass. Both of the albums they made together are pretty fun, with the band in fine form and Jello sounding...well, like Jello Biafra. This tune here is an Alice Cooper cover.

The Minders, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"

The know what? Forget it. They're a pop band.

YACHT, "I Fought With My Friend"

Bouncy synth/noise project YACHT has put out a bunch of records, and I always like when they come up, and then kind of forget them afterwards. But I think I have three of them? I feel like sometimes, I can't explain my behavior around buying records. I feel like that in a lot of areas in my life.


I like this song.

Belle and Sebastian, "Act of the Apostle II"

Every now and again, you get little bits and pieces of lyrics that explicitly reference Stuart Murdoch's faith. He's never tried to hide it or anything, and it's certainly not objectionable, but it is relatively unusual in my record collection to have these sorts of explicit religious references. Uh, I mean, except for all the satanism. But most of that seems tongue-in-cheek, and Murdoch is clearly sincere about things.

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