Five Songs, 1/29/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/29/2020

Tortoise, "TNT"

One thing I've always loved about Tortoise is their willingness to name songs things totally different from what they might sound like. A song called "TNT" should sound like, I dunno, an AC/DC knock-off, not a cerebral post-rock tune with a trumpet solo.

Secrets of the Sky, "V"

That's the Roman numeral for 5, not the letter. All of the songs with Roman numerals on this record are little interstitials. I, uh, remember listening to this record several years ago, but that's the extent of what I remember.

Sarpanitum, "Immortalised As Golden Spires"

OK, this is a little embarassing. No, this is not a repeat. Yes, it's still a little atmospheric piece from a metal band. Yes, it's also from a 2015 release that I do remember listening to back then. Yes, I again have no recollection of what else it sounds like.

HELL ORBS, "Wet Cups"

A collaboration between Dendy Crew and Crudbump, this...well, just listen to this. This lives at the intersection of the arch, the absurd, and the bumpin'.

Prefuse 73, "140 Jabs Interlude"

You know what, let's give this another try tomorrow.

Joshua Buergel
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