Five Songs, 1/3/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/3/2018

Yet another year-end roundup! This time from Pitchfork, so prepare to be enraged! And [here's today's music].(

Flop, "Asthenia"

Lost among all the other Seattle bands of the early 90s, Flop was never the slightest bit grungy so they never broke it big. They did, of course, end up on a major label, but the majors were signing every band who had even toured through Seattle in those days, so that's not that surprising. Instead of being grunge, Flop evoked the power pop bands of the Pacific Northwest, bands like the Posies and the Young Fresh Fellows. With Kurt Bloch (The Young Fresh Fellows, the Fastbacks, tons of producing credits) behind the boards, they even had some real continuity with all the other great bands in that tradition. And their first record, & The Fall of the Mopsqueezer, is an absolute gem, one of the best power pop records in my entire collection, a fuzzy piece of genius.

Otis Redding, "Try A Little Tenderness"

I could get used to a dose of daily Otis. Aside from maybe "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay", this might be his most famous song. And that's a little funny that this song should be one he's remembered for, as it's a cover, so it's not one where we get to hear his fantastic song writing. But, Otis was such an amazing performer that he could make anybody's song his own. Again: the world lost an incredible talent in that plane crash.

I suppose I should have some album recommendations in here. It's hard to go too far wrong, but Complete & Unbelievable: The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul is probably my first choice, with Otis Blue and The Dock of the Bay close behind.

(NB: we'll get album cuts from Otis as well as songs from the Stax compilations, and I'll try and keep the "previously"s separate for them. I know nobody cares.)

Lambchop, "Scamper"

The centerpiece of the great What Another Man Spills, this song is just overflowing with warmth. Man, this play list is beating the pants off of yesterday!

Felt, "Ricci Outro"

Another track from the first, goofiest, Felt album, and this is just a brief closer.

(NB: the song is at 30:09 on the linked video.)

Zion I, "Critical"

Closing out today is an old Zion I track, from their first album, a fun song.

Joshua Buergel
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