Five Songs, 1/9/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/9/2018

Here's your music today.

Ghostface Killah, "Be This Way"

From what I can tell, 2004's The Pretty Toney Album didn't seem to go over that well with critics. Perhaps because it's an album where Ghostface started really pulling away from the Wu-Tang Clan. However, I think it's really good - Ghost seems to be pretty loose, and while the album is sloppy in parts, it's nevertheless really fun. After the relatively dreary Bulletproof Wallets, it was a relief for him to get back on track.

The Dambuilders, "Louisiana"

The Dambuilders were an indie rock band out of Boston that were around for quite a while, distinguished mostly by having a violin as part of the band. I'm normally kind of a sucker for bands with unusual lineups, but they never really stuck with me, despite owning a couple of releases by them.

Mouse on Mars, "Paradical"

Long-time electronic artists Mouse on Mars have put out a ton of material, getting lots of rave reviews. I, however, only have this one record (Idiology), and it has never quite stuck with me. I'm not sure why, though, as I'm quite enjoying this. Maybe it's time to dig further in?

Smokey Robinson, "You Must Be Love"

Another track from the Motown compilations from soul giant Smokey Robinson, this time from 1967. One day, I'll have to go more into his biography. Today is not that day.

Rancid, "Let Me Go"

In one of the most irritating things a band can do, Rancid actually has two self-titled albums. Just to make it move confusing, Amazon has managed to blur the album art for them, using the same for both of them. Annoying! This comes from the second of them, which came out in 2000, and is a much better album than the first self-titled album.

Joshua Buergel
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