Five Songs, 10/23/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/23/2020

Arab Strap, "The Clearing"

Arab Strap was a band from the same music scene that produced Mogwai and Belle & Sebastian, but unlike those two bands, they've never done that much for me. This comes from their first album, and it's kind of unfocused, and there's nothing that I find really memorable on it.

The Rolling Stones, "Love In Vain"

Huh, never heard of this band.

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, "Unificado"

Psychedelic rock out of Mexico, this is from the 2019 album De Facto which showed up on some best-of lists that year. I think this is good, but as with a lot of psychedelic rock, it doesn't tend to stick with me. I'm kind of the same way with Tame Impala - I can tell it's good and all, and can even see what people hear in it, but it just doesn't hang with me. I guess it's Not Memorable To Josh day?

Killdozer, "A Mother Has A Hard Road"

This is how God Hears Pleas Of The Innocent opens up, setting the tone for the usual Killdozer noise/punk/gothic thing that they have. While the mid-tempo pounding doesn't really let up, they do the usual fine job of telling gritty stories with the same arch sense of humor. Are they putting you on? Sometimes!

Hammerhead, "Washout"

Pound-for-pound the best band on Amphetamine Reptile, Hammerhead only graced us with three albums and an EP, but it's a great set of records. This comes from Evil Twin, the EP that was released just before their best album, Into the Vortex. Hammerhead weren't afraid to up the tempo, adding some hardcore to their sound, in a way that a lot of the noise bands at the time didn't do a whole lot of.

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