Five Songs, 10/25/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/25/2021

Mantar, "Eternal Return"

I long ago ran out of stuff to say about Mantar, so let's just have a close listen to this. The shift up to the double-time drums fifty seconds in is nice. And a nice change in the gallop shortly after the vocals kick in. There's a restlessness here, where they're refusing to totally settle into a groove, which is kind of nice. Although sometimes the fun of music like this is a nice punishing rhythm. Views differ, apparently even in my head!

The Supremes, "You Can't Hurry Love"


P. Miles Bryson, "Subtler Polycultural Shades of Chinese Tiki Coromandel Screens"

P. Miles Bryson is another plunderphonics artist, who draws most of his music samples from older music, giving the entire thing a dislocating feel. Like it sort of sounds at times like it should be in a period movie or something, but of course it's continually shifting, so it's not that. Fun stuff!

Young Fresh Fellows, "Why I Oughta"

A thing that strikes me about the Fellows, and this album especially, is how frequently they don't just reference pop culture, but kinda old pop culture even for the time they made this record. I mean, the Three Stooges weren't exactly fresh in 1987. The song still works, mind you, but this kind of thing really sort of ages the record.

Kendrick Lamar, "A.D.H.D"

Before his string of absolutely incredible records, his debut album Section.80 was merely excellent. In anybody else's career, we'd probably be talking all the time about how fantastic this record is, but in his, it just kind of gets lost. But it's certainly worthy of spending time with, even though I tend to forget about it myself.

Joshua Buergel
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