Five Songs, 10/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/28/2022


It's a big day here on Five Songs. Exactly two years ago, I started updating this thing every day. Through vacations, work getting busy, moving twice, dealing with the fallout of a pandemic, I kept hitting my updates. I'm not sure why exactly I decided to do so. More than anything, it was to convince myself that I could commit to a grind like this and keep on top of it. Could I be a daily blogger? Could I keep a creative project going even when it got tough?

After two years of perfect attendance, I think the answer to those questions is a resounding yes. I don't think every entry on this thing is great. Hell, I think there are a number of them that aren't good, or probably even OK. But they're all there, steady as can be, one a day for two full years, through rain, snow, and albums I've never heard before. Consistency is a virtue, and I'm proud of the record I have here. More than 1,300 posts total, which is a lot of anything.

I bring all this up here because I'm going to deliberately break that streak tomorrow. I have really enjoyed this project, but I'm going to take a break and work on some other things. By the time I get time in the evenings to myself, I have been largely spending it on this, and it's crowding out other things I want to do. Game design, for instance. Writing for other projects. A possible podcast, if I can get the scripts worked out. I don't know for sure what I'll spend time on, but I want to create some space to see what else I can put together.

This is not the end of Five Songs, probably. I've gone on hiatus before, when I started another blog that was killed by the pandemic. I think there's a good chance I'll come back to this at some point. But I would like to take a moment to thank everybody who has read or listened to one of these things, commented on them, or pointed out that I fucked up the player again. This project has mostly been about reminding myself of my own music, but I really hope that some other folks have enjoyed it, and maybe found a favorite or two.

This isn't goodbye, though. This is a "see you soon". And a thank you.

Once more, though, for the road. Let's have some tunes.

Fluf, "J'n It on the Net"

Fluf is a perfect example of the type of thing I wanted to unearth with this blog. I really like this stuff a lot, huge, loud pop songs, but I kind of forgot about them. I have not, now! Also, I love late 90s songs that talk about computers, they're so quaint.

The Specials, "Rude Boys Outta Jail"

This is from The Singles Collection, which is...uh, exactly what it sounds like. It covers singles from their first go-around, in the early 80s, so this is mostly strong material, and is a fine companion piece to their albums of the era.

Elvis Costello, "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down"

Oh, the Specials and Elvis Costello in close proximity! That means I get to drop one of my favorite obnoxious music opinions, which is that the best thing Elvis Costello has been involved with is the first Specials album, not any of his actual records.

Mary Wells, "My Guy"

Wouldn't be a Five Songs farewell without a repeat, would it?

Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz, "Reflection"

I was lucky enough to visit Paris this past summer, and was reminded once again that the Mona Lisa is pretty puny. It's just a small canvas! It's even smaller when viewed at a distance past crowds and crowds of tourists. They should have named this album after a more impressive painting.

Eugenius, "Indian Summer"

And a pretty little pop song to take us out. Thanks again, folks! Let's do this again!

Joshua Buergel
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