Five Songs, 10/3/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/3/2018

Kind of wiplashing around today.

Art Brut, "Formed A Band"

This might be the platonic ideal of the Art Brut song, a song where you legitimately can't tell if they're putting you on or not. I think they're doing both, it's dead serious as well as an arch joke. Like, it's many layers of put on that just wraps around itself. Putonception.

They Might Be Giants, "Destroy the Past"

You know, I never actually saw Inception.

Wilco, "Side With The Seeds"

As time wears on, my opinion of Sky Blue Sky and A Ghost Is Born softens. My opinion after their release was pretty tempered by the fact that both albums were both more noodly and just worse than Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. But I think they're aging much more gracefully now that we have some more late career stuff from Wilco, and it's cast these two albums in a new light. There's still a little more Pink Floyd in Sky Blue Sky than I'd really like in my Wilco, though.

Endon, "Acme Apathy Amok"

Me: "Sky Blue Sky is kind of unfocused and sometimes rambly."
Also me: "Hell yes, 15 minutes of punishing Japanese power electronics noise."

They Might Be Giants, "Chess Piece Face (Live)"

When I used to listen to this album (the self-titled one) back in high school, when I heard the first line "what's going to happen to Chess Piece Face", I'd usually say "he's going to get skipped" and then jump ahead to "I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die", which happily, I like.

(NB: this is a different live version than the one I have.)

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