Five Songs, 11/10/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/10/2020

The Toasters, "East Side Beat"

Your first instinct might be to think that Rob "Bucket" Hingley's accent here is a terrible put-on. But no, Rob was born in England, so he earned this. At any rate, this is from the first Toasters album, and it captures a band still developing their sound.

Foetus, "Mandelay"

One of the centerpieces of Flow, an album where J.G. Thirlwell ramped up the cinematic nature of his music to another level, while making sure that the perversion of that sound was also present. The noise, the disturbing sounds, the strange interludes - it all combines to a disorienting song that really takes you on a journey. To somewhere. This is one of his very best albums.

Ministry, "Reload"

Filth Pig represents the album where I got off the train for Ministry. Psalm 69 was the band reaching the peak of their industrial/metal attack, where they combined their aggression with a sense of fun. The band had some personnel trouble after that record, and when Filth Pig finally emerged, all the fun was gone. It's just a monotonous record, with nothing really standing out.

Wizard Rifle, "Beneath the Spider"

Wizard Rifle do some genre hopping within loud music. There's obvious a lot of sludge and stoner rock in their sound, but there's also some noise in their DNA, especially some Lightning Bolt. It's a very fun mix, and this song from their 2019 self-titled album is a good example of what the band can do. If a combination of Sleep, Mastodon, and Lightning Bolt sounds like a good time, you should check it out.

Ghost Funk Orchestra, "Walk Like A Motherfucker"

Funk/soul/psych act Ghost Funk Orchestra here sounding like something from the 70s, but this album came out last year. It seems like something from a soundtrack to a movie I want to see. And this combination of song name and band name is just fantastic.

Joshua Buergel
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