Five Songs, 11/12/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/12/2017

Today's set is, frankly, a mess. The hazards of the random number generator.

Andrew Bird, "The Water Jet Cilice"

210 songs in my collection from Andrew Bird, and this stupid thing picked a repeat song. Sure, we get Six Songs today, but come on. I do feel like the number of repeats I've seen is higher than I would expect. I also know that humans are TERRIBLE at estimating the randomness of a system and related probabilities. I should work it out for real.

They Might Be Giants, "They Might Be Giants (Live)"

I have two entire live albums where TMBG are just playing the entirety of Flood. This is probably two too many. This is from a show recorded in Australia, in case anybody cares.

Mad Caddies, "Something's Wrong At The Playground"

Yeah, third wave ska, who is surprised? OK, keep your hands up if you're new around here? Thought so. Anyway, these guys are more towards the ska punk end of things, so have aged not particularly well. And they didn't exactly start off amazing.

Love Battery, "Colorblind"

A great example of how meaningless "grunge" was as a label, Love Battery got lumped in as grunge, because they were a rock band from Seattle in the early 90s. But, they were always really a psychedelic band, and you have to squint pretty hard to see the connections between them and, say, Nirvana.

Well, that was a fun windmill to tilt at. On a more constructive note, Dayglo is one of the best albums to emerge from Seattle's ridiculously productive rock underground in the 90s. This song comes from a much later album, Confusion Au Go Go, which found them still going pretty well.

Outkast, "Intro"

The "Intro" in question here is the one from Stankonia, not the one from Speakerboxxx or Idlewild, just so we're clear. Well, I don't know what to say about Stankonia, other than it's an incredible piece of work from a couple of brilliant musicians at their peak. While I give the slight nod to Aquemini overall, that doesn't diminish Stankonia in the slightest. There's no shame in finishing second to one of the best rap albums ever made.

The Meters, "The All Ask'd For You"

The Meters are just goofing off with their New Orleans heritage here.

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