Five Songs, 11/13/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/13/2019


Back in the swing of things, the ol' muscles are starting to come back! And I 100% mail it in on a couple of these songs. It happens!

The Enemies, "Moesha"

I got nuthin'. Kind of a post-rock/math rock sort of thing going on here. I like it! Sometimes Past Josh makes good decisions!

Common, "Break My Heart"

I find Common to be a little uneven, with Finding Forever being one of the spotty records. There are high points to it, like the fat synths behind the verses on this song, for instance. But when you compare it to its immediate predecessor, Be, it just feels like it's a half a step behind.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, "Padre Nuestro"

Huh, the thought just occurred to me that maybe with Madeleine learning Spanish, she might enjoy trying to parse the lyrics here. I will officially forget this idea instantly, though.

Hazzard's Cure, "Meet Me At The Mountain"

I think the bass line opening this song is a good illustration of some of the fine gradiations between different forms of rock. It could really go in a lot of directions from there - you could see that as the intro to a noise rock song, a metal song, a grunge song, a more straightforward rock number. The song is in a superposition, existing in multiple genres at once. It's not until the rest of the band kicks in that the waveform starts to collapse, and you get something either on the edge of modern metal or perhaps Soundgarden-adjacent. But it really illustrates how thin the walls are between a lot of these things.

The Roots, "Tunnel Vision"

A little confection towards the end of How I Got Over, which suffers in following Rising Down primarily in not being Rising Down. Coming after that album (and the magnificent Game Theory), anything was going to be a little disappointing, but the album is still very good. Just not as sublime.

Joshua Buergel
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