Five Songs, 11/16/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/16/2020

Screeching Weasel, "Leather Jacket"

Ben Weasel started letting some of the songs on Anthem For A New Tomorrow stretch out a little bit, and let the Ramones worship go just a tiny bit. The result is probably his best record - still very much punk, still very familiar, but tuneful and fun.

Aphex Twin, "Radiator"

The second Selected Ambient Works album from Aphex Twin doesn't quite hit the same way the first one did. It's very long (two discs of 70 minutes each), and it doesn't seem like it was edited down enough. The first one is the most important ambient electronic album ever, and this one is more of a curiosity. Add in that I'm not a huge ambient guy, and this album hasn't really gotten much play since I got it.

The Dead Milkmen, "Methodist Coloring Book"

I don't think we've had the Dead Milkmen before! That's exciting! This was a staple band of high school and college, the sort of band where you could put on one of their records at a party and get everybody singing along. Which probably says more about my friends than anything else. Nevertheless, most of the songs from Big Lizard In My Backyard, Beelzebubba, and Metaphysical Graffiti still reside in my head, and I could sing along with this in my brain.

The things that made this band work is that while they sounded amateurish, the songs were actually pretty good at bottom. Add in that they were genuinely funny and Rodney Anonymous's delivery was often amazing, and they were just a ton of fun. Listen to him go for it at the start of this song! That's great!

Finally, I should note that the Dead Milkmen just Kickstarted an official D&D adventure. My god, that would have KILLED in high school.

Amon Tobin, "On A Hilltop Sat The Moon"

Lotta Amon Tobin recently.


Look, another song!

Let's Go Bowling, "Hare Tonic"

My parents had a couple of these Hooked on Classics records that I would occasionally listen to. As a result, whenever I hear something like this, I get these visions of neon record jackets instead of what a normal person might, which is Looney Tunes. (That's second in my brain.)

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