Five Songs, 11/18/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/18/2020

Boris, "Furi"

The first Boris album I encountered was Akuma No Uta after reading a good review of it online somewhere, and I was blown away. To have "Introduction" get followed by two absolute rippers like "Ibitsu" and today's track, from the same band, I was just in love. Boris has paid that love back with a ton of classic records, many of them better than this album. But it's still one I return to again and again, because your first album is often special with a band.

Coheed & Cambria, "Wake Up"

If you were to create a classifier that attempted to determine if an album is from a progressive band or not, and all you had was the band name and album title, I'll bet you could get pretty close by just looking at the word count of the two pieces of data combined. The chance of it being a prog rock album get pretty close to 100% at the extremes. (For the record, this is from Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness.)

Helms Alee, "Elbow Grease"

From Helms Alee's second record, Weatherhead, this is just a short thing, but you can hear many of the things that make them fun, especially the fantastic rhythm section.

Big Business, "Last Legs"

Meanwhile, Big Business is literally nothing BUT a rhythm section, and they don't even use 'em here! smdh

Hammers of Misfortune, "For The Ax"

Nothin' but rock today! Well, rock bands, that Big Business song wasn't really rock. Whatever!

Hammers of Misfortune are a corny fantasy-themed metal band out of San Francisco. But because John Cobbett (Ludicra, Vhol) is involved, they're worth giving a try. I sometimes find the corniness a little hard to take, but if I'm in the right mood, I can get along with it.

Joshua Buergel
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