Five Songs, 11/19/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/19/2020

Manorexia, "Zithromax Jitters"

I think I mention this every time Manorexia pops up, but that's infrequent enough that I think it's OK: Manorexia is one of J.G. Thirlwell's (Foetus, Wiseblood, Steroid Maximus, Clint Ruin, etc) aliases. Like Steroid Maximus, Manorexia is dedicated to cinematic instrumental music, and it's not at all clear what differentiates the two aliases. At any rate, this is an interesting album.

Veda Brown, "Living A Life Without Love"

You can tell within seconds that this is a Stax record. This is obviously from relatively late in the Stax run, when the soul sound of the label had evolved in this lush direction. I've always preferred the rawer style of the earlier records, but this is still a lovely sound.

Crystallized Movements, "Overture"

Crystallized Movements often had an improvisational feel, a notion that a lot of this stuff was worked out in the studio. Seldom is that feeling stronger than on this song, but at least we get some nice distortion at the end there.

The Clash, "Tommy Gun"

Give 'Em Enough Rope always gets lost in the shuffle. The self-titled record was the loud arrival of a potent new band, London Calling is the masterpiece, Sandinista! is the ambitious what is this record? It's just a very good punk record, one that is miles better than anything most punk bands would ever produce. But because they're The Clash, it doesn't stand out like it should. But it doesn't deserve to be forgotten.

Devin the Dude, "I Can't Make It Home"

Been a minute since we heard from the official Five Songs Weed Correspondant, hasn't it? Actually, listening, I'm pretty sure we had this song pretty recently. So it's time to do SIX SONGS BABY!

CeeLo Green, "Wildflower"

It's a little lost given how huge a hit "Fuck You" was (and rightfully so, that song is such a jam), but the rest of The Lady Killer is excellent as well. CeeLo is supported by a bunch of vigorous soul productions, and the rich arrangements work really well with his voice.

Joshua Buergel
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