Five Songs, 11/21/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/21/2019

John Oswald, "x24"

I'd say that most of Oswald's work doesn't make sense out of context of the rest of the album, but let's be clear, it doesn't really make sense in context either. But, hell, enjoy Oswald jacking "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" here. Why not?

Propagandhi, "Government Cartoons (Live)"

Where Quantity Is Job #1 is a fantastic name for an album, even if the album itself is kinda dodgy. This was also the last album with the original lineup, as John (bassist/vocalist) left after this record, which was a loss for the band.

Prefuse 73, "Blacklist"

I suppose in some ways, Prefuse 73 is taking the Plunderphonic ethos that Oswald was advocating and bending it towards an actual artistic statement. But that's an egghead way of thinking about this stuff. At any rate, it's always nice to hear actual rhyming on a Prefuse 73 track.

Lotus Thief, "Lvx"

It seems like most genres of music acquire a "post-" version at some point. Punk and post-punk, for instance, both come up a lot here. Hardcore and post-hardcore. At some point, the bands operating in a genre have picked enough parts and advanced the form enough that it becomes a recognizable successor - familiar but different enough. Thus, black metal and post-black metal. Marked by some of the familiar genre markers of black metal, especially the washes of guitar and blast beats and whatnot, but departing in important ways (such as often avoiding the screeching vocals), post-black metal is its own thing. Lotus Thief largely falls into that category, I think, with this song being a decent example.

Kool & the Gang, "What Would The World Be Like Without Music/Let The Music Take Your Mind"

Kool & the Gang's early career looks very strange compared to most other bands. After a self-titled studio record, they followed up with two live albums, with this coming from the first of those (Live At The Sex Machine). But, across those two albums, there are a bunch of new songs that don't appear in other places, which is just something you don't see much of. Both albums are smoking, by the way, and this album is an absolute farm for famous samples.

Joshua Buergel
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