Five Songs, 12/3/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/3/2019

De La Soul, "Church"

After the lackluster Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump and the uneven AOI: Bionix, I was wondering if De La Soul were done. The answer was answered definitively by the next album, The Grind Date: no, they were not done. At least part of that was the production they got on the record, with good work from folks like J Dilla, Mad Lib, and 9th Wonder (who is on this track). It's not groundbreaking in the way their early work was, but it's a just a solid record all the way through.

LCD Soundsystem, "other voices"

LCD Soundsystem shut things down noisily in 2011, which of course meant that a lot of people got annoyed with them when they came back with a new album in 2017. LCD Soundsystem have a real knack for annoying people. The resulting press around the album, American Dream, was...annoying. Fitting! Anyway, if you ignore all that crap, it's a typically solid record from them - not their best work (hello, Sound of Silver), but still very good.

Zion I, "Critical"

This beat sounds so much like another song that I'm having trouble putting my finger on right now. I need Google Image Search for songs.

Strange Ways, "Corporate Monkey"

[turns the "Days Since Last Listless, Anonymous Third Wave Song" sign to 0]

They Might Be Giants, "Here Come The 123s"

OK, look, not all of these can be winners. For the record, Here Come The 123s is the worst of TMBG's kids records, pretty handily.

EDIT: I fucked up. Here Come The ABCs is the worst TMBG kids' record. We regret the error.

Joshua Buergel
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