Five Songs, 12/12/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/12/2019

The Magnetic Fields, "Two Kinds of People"

There are two kinds of people: those with the patience to pick through 69 Love Songs to find the good bits, and those who cannot be bothered.

The Skatalites, "Woman A Come"

The Skatalites didn't often have a vocalist working with them, but pretty much every case I can think of, it's delightful. This comes from the Foundation Ska collection, which is the best single spot to get on the Skatalites train. And everybody should be on that train.

ALL, "Miranda"

There's a certain admiration you have to have for bands that just refuse to keep developing. ALL, aside from changing singers a couple times, pretty much sounds identical to their first record on this, their sixth record. Now, this is the record where I stopped listening, because it features some pretty gross lyrics, but still, you have to admire the consistency.

Shudder to Think, "About Three Dreams"

While we were driving around on vacation over Thanksgiving, we put on a Fugazi channel on Spotify, and I honestly expected (and was looking forward to) some Shudder to Think. Nothing! Seems like a real miss on their part. We actually didn't really get any Dischord bands, instead getting a ton of old SST bands and Replacements. Which is fine, but not really what we were looking for.

Ben Pirani, "Try Love (Reprise)"

Ben Pirani closes his debut from Coalmine records with a reprise of the opener, "Try Love", about which I can't really say a lot more. The record is a pleasant piece of neo-soul, not groundbreaking at all, but plenty enjoyable.

Joshua Buergel
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