Five Songs, 12/12/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/12/2021

Yazz Ahmed, "Bloom"

Yazz Ahmed is a jazz trumpeter and I have two albums from her that I really like. Wish I could describe them, but you know, I don't know shit about jazz.

Death Grips, "Birds"

This is a great example of the unpredictability of Death Grips. Nothing about this song really makes sense, but it's all intentional and hits the effect they wanted to achieve. That is, disorientation.

Pyramids, "I Am So Sorry, Goodbye"

Experimental metal band Pyramids added Colin Marston (Krallice) to their lineup, and as you might expect, the songs got more even more stretched out and epic. They don't really fit into any standard genres, although I guess they're more progressive than anything else. This is their last album, although I don't know if they broke up or what happened.

Mayhem, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas"

I'm sick of writing about Mayhem. I think this is the last time we'll have them here.

Vaura, "Braced for Collapse"

Vaura is usually lumped in with metal, probably because of them putting releases out on Profound Lore, but I hear much more post-punk here than I do anything else. It's not just the echo on the vocals, but the bass, the reverb on the guitar, it just has a very 80s feel to things.

Joshua Buergel
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