Five Songs, 12/13/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/13/2019

Tame Impala, "Desire Be Desire Go"

Innerspeaker seemed universally beloved, so I went ahead and picked it up. And I like it fine, but it doesn't really blow me away. It doesn't really stick with me particularly, so I like it while it's on, and then totally forget about it later. Like, this song: it sounds good, but it also kind of sounds like a billion Elephant 6 bands.

Polyrhthmics, "Lord of the Fries"

Track from the most recent Polyrhythmics album, Caldera, which is excellent as always. The compositions are getting more ambitious as they go along, which you can really hear on this song.

Marnie Stern, "Plato's Fucked Up Cave"

As always, here at Five Songs, we like to step back and admire song and album names when they're really good. And, friends, this song name is amazing. And the song itself is excellent, sounding the entire time like it's about to just spin into pieces.

Snoop Dogg, "The One And Only"

Snoop sounds really engaged on this track, which means it's a real pleasure to listen to. When he's really going after it, he's such a charismatic rapper. Also, nice to hear the cutting in this track.

Hammerhead, "Moleboy"

Shuffle is really bringing the thunder today! Ethereal Killer was Hammerhead's debut album, and you can hear the relentless attack that they would develop fully on the majestic Into the Vortex, which I consider to be the best record that Amphetamine Reptile ever put out. This is actually a good companion piece to the Marnie Stern track above.

Joshua Buergel
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