Five Songs, 12/18/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/18/2021

Has-Lo, "Everything Is"

The minimal beat here really works well. Not every song can get by on something like this, but Has-Lo pulls it off.

Girls Against Boys, "(I) Don't Got A Place"

A thing I sometimes wonder about is the extent to which I contradict myself in the archives here. After writing as many entries for songs and bands, I'm sure I've said stuff in the past that can't be reconciled. And I thought to myself, "hey, this is from the Touch & Go records, the last good ones they made, but this isn't their best record". I checked the archive, six articles with them, and you know what? 100% consistent! I call the album before this one my favorite from them, twice, and mention that the last Touch & Go record is their last good record. From this sample of one, I can conclude that I'm totally consistent.

Ed Hall, "Hortense Buttermilk"

Fuck yeah! Listen to that shit!

Thundercat, "Them Changes"

I love the little tribute to "Footsteps in the Dark" at the beginning of this track, with the drums from that song. Of course, we all know them as the drums from "It Was A Good Day", but it's a clever bit to use them here. The rest of the song is really good, too.

Wisdom of Harry, "I'm Going To Make My Life Right"

Well, another one that I don't have a ton to say about. Enjoy!

Joshua Buergel
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