Five Songs, 12/19/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/19/2017

Today's music.

The Flaming Lips, "Stand in Line"

Prior to turning into the atmospheric, melancholy, fuzzed-out band they are today, the Flaming Lips were an experimental, drugged-out psych band that really didn't know where things were going, but didn't particularly care. They released a series of albums that you can charitably describe as "uneven" but most would probably categorize as "unlistenable". They started going in the right direction with 1990's In A Priest Driven Ambulance, which gives us today's song. Somehow, Warner Brothers signed them to a major label based on this record. Anyway, I actually like it better than the immediately following album, and this albums is where to stop if you're going backwards through the Lips' discography.

Harvey Milk, "Merlin is Magic (Live)"

Harvey Milk is a great doom band that plays amazing, drawn out, brutal songs that are just heavy as hell. But, alas, you can barely hear that on this live song, which was included on the reissue of the fantastic Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men. I didn't even get the reissue, but Amazon did a match with my copy and decided oh, I'd want the deluxe version! Well, not so much. The main album is great.

(NB: I picked some random live version of this song from YouTube. It's probably worse audio quality than the one I listened to, but frankly, not a lot worse. Sorry about this one.)

Union Carbide Productions, "Beefhead"

Let's take a brief moment to acknowledge that "Beefhead" is a tremendous name for a song. Union Carbide Productions are a back-to-basics garage rock band out of Sweden. They were around for four albums, I'm reading, although I only have this one, Swing. It's fine, if unmemorable.

Crazy Baldhead, "Funky Drummer"

Crazy Baldhead is "Agent" Jay Nugent (The Slackers, a bunch of other New York City third-wave bands) in a side project that...well, features mostly the same people in the other bands. But it's a fun project anyway, because they're not really taking themselves seriously. Also, I bought this as a way to help out with his medical bills, and Bandcamp allows you to send extra money, so that was nice to try and help. I think I've seen the Slackers more than any band this side of They Might Be Giants, they're one of my favorites, and it's important to me to try and support artists.

The Jesus Lizard, "Mistletoe (Live)"

The Jesus Lizard still ruled, and the live album Show is still kind of pointless.

(NB: This song starts at 10:27 on the included video, which is the same video I included last time.)

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