Five Songs, 12/26/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/26/2020

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, "Got A Thing On My Mind"

More from Miss Sharon Jones! This is the first proper song on the first Sharon Jones album, and my goodness, what a way to announce themselves. This is one of the albums that really got Daptone rolling, and it's a great record.

The Nation of Ulysses, "Shakedown"

A thing that is pretty incredible about the Nation of Ulysses is that Ian Svenonius was able to keep up this kind of shredding vocals for any period of time. Impressive stuff!

The Exceptions, "Sleepwalkin"

There are plenty of ska bands that I listen to frequently (tonight's dinner tunes were provided by the Slackers and Hepcat), but the Exceptions just never really make that rotation. They're not bad, but they just don't stand out from the rest of the third wave enough to break through the fog.

Cardi B, "Be Careful"

Cardi B is known for her singles, with "Bodak Yellow" and especially "WAP" being massive hits. But Invasion of Privacy is a lot of fun throughout beyond just the famous songs.

Negativland, "Christianity Is Stupid"

Well, just the other day I mentioned the fake controversy around this song, and here it is! I think it says a lot about Negativland that this is by far their biggest "hit". Fun note: the guitar here was provided by Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten.

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