Five Songs, 12/27/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/27/2017

Some high quality indie rock today. And, um, that same dumb Evita track.

Evita, "Myself To You"

This is the same song that we had last time. I still don't like it.

Unwound, "Summer Freeze"

I love the recording on the drums. Just listen to them, they sound so organic. This is from the tremendous Leaves Turn Inside You, a double album of art rock goodness. This song appears on the "Right" disc. I've always liked it when bands name the individual discs in double albums.

Silkworm, "Ticket Tulane"

I like this little vein of indie rock going here. One thing about Silkworm is that everybody seems to have their own favorite album. There doesn't seem to be any consensus out there. This is something the band themselves observed once, and in the sparse writing I've seen on the band, it seems to really be true. I've seen the album this song comes from (Firewater) listed, for instance. Personally, it's Libertine for me.

Future of the Left, "why aren't i going to hell"

How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident is a fine name for an album. Although this song is kind of a throwaway.

Personnel, "Let's Rewind"

I have no idea what this is. This seems to be from a 9 song album that's labeled 2005 Work, and the band is listed as being Personnel. But there doesn't seem to be anything on Discogs or Allmusic that matches this. So, even more than some of the surprise things we've had on here before, this is really mysterious. Sometimes, this whole thing confuses me.

Ivy Sole, "Master Plan"

Another track from Ivy Sole's debut album, for the second day in a row. Nice!

Joshua Buergel
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