Five Songs, 12/28/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/28/2021

Nitzer Ebb, "Control I'm Here (live)"

I mentioned the other day that I kept up with the proliferation of Nitzer Ebb releases for a while, and this is a good example of what a pain in the ass that was. When they started picking up some momentum after Nine Inch Nails brought a lot of attention to the genre, the label decided to try and pick up some buzz for Ebbhead by releasing a live EP. But did they just release a live EP? Oh my, no. They released it in two separate discs you had to buy, with the first one including a slip case that would fit the second one. Did they release both halves at once to make it easier to pick up? Of course not! I did find both halves, and frankly, it's just a live EP and totally not worth tracking down.

Robyn Hitchcock, "Cynthia Mask"

Listen to that reverb on the vocals! Sounds like it was recorded in an empty auditorium.

Booker T. & the M.G.'s, "Slum Baby"

I'll just never get tired of Booker T and Steve Cropper playing off against one another.

Swarvy, "Crocodiles"

The track on this song sounds like it was mutated out of a Steely Dan song, which is definitely a good thing.

Shrine of Insanabilis, "Omega"

Shrine of Insanabilis are a black metal band from Germany, but you aren't going to learn much about them from this. This is just how Disciples of the Void wraps itself up.

Joshua Buergel
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