Five Songs, 12/5/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/5/2019

Stephen Malkmus, "Discretion Grove"

Do you detect a little echo of "Wounded Kite" there in the aborted first bit of song on this track? No? Just me?

The Suicide Machines, "Our Time"

No, we're leaving the "Days Since Last Listless, Anonymous Third Wave Song" sign alone on this one. There's nothing listless about this! The Suicide Machines are very much a chip off the Operation Ivy block, and the energy here carries them plenty far.

Daft Punk, "The Game of Love"

For a band whose image is based around being basically anonymous robots, the thing that makes Random Access Memories so good is how warm it all sounds. Sure, the vocals here are processed, but it's a soulful track nevertheless. And that theme runs throughout the album, with very little of the iciness that often is part of electronic music.

People Under The Stairs, "At The House"

A substantial percentage of PUTS songs are party songs, with the guys going to one or another party, and that's A-OK. When the beats are breezy and the rhymes are fun, that's all I really need.

The Skoidats, "Rootsawalkin'"

Goddammit. Somebody go reset the "Days Since Last Listless, Anonymous Third Wave Song" sign.

I will note this: this song starts off with the intro horn riff from "Guns of Navaronne", meaning at least I now have that song in my head.

Joshua Buergel
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