Five Songs, 12/6/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/6/2020

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah, "Stark's Reality"

This tune is very like David Axelrod, especially in the engineering of the recording and the strings. I would have loved to hear Ghostface actually rhyme on top of it.

Oranssi Pazuzu, "Uraanisula"

Looks like the first time we've had Oranssi Pazuzu around here - they're a Finnish black metal band that plays around a lot more with psychedelic stuff than a lot of other bands. They can sometimes feel pretty spacey as a consequence, which can be fun, or maybe a little proggy. I guess you can just listen to this! There are many variations of people howling over guitars out there, folks.

The Magnetic Fields, "Epitaph For My Heart"

It's hacky for me to comment on the juxtaposition of songs around here, given that the entire premise of this site is pure randomness. Pretending to be surprised that I get weird combos is just dumb. But! This back-to-back is kind of tickling me, just because you can call both of these "rock". That's a wide gulf!

Kinda want to hear Stephin Merritt do some death metal vocals now. I'll bet he would sound good doing it!

Jan Jelinek Avec The Exposures, "Facelift"

Just so nobody is confused, "The Exposures" is just one of Jan Jelinek's aliases, so this is "Jan Jelink with Jan Jelinek". I'm seein' double here! Four Jan Jelineks!

Anyhoo, for songs made almost entirely out of glitched jazz records, his tunes sure are warm and pleasant.

Gift Of Gab, "Rat Race"

Hell yeah Gift of Gab!

Joshua Buergel
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