Five Songs, 2/5/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/5/2019

Six songs!

Lostbone, "Destroy What Destroys You"


Pretty sure I ended up with this as a result of a grab bag of some variety or another. Among all the ways of discovering music, grab bags are certainly one of them. I'm not sure I've ever actually discovered a band I love from one of them. I suppose I should try a bunch more just in case.

Also, this appears to be a repeat. Onward!

Sleepyhead, "Fairyboat"

There's sort of a Sonic Youth vibe to this track, particularly around the vocals. There aren't any strange tunings or weird noisy squalls either, but still, kind of Sonic Youth-y. Kinda.

Bob Marley, "Trouble On The Road Again"

One drawback of getting basically every noise that Bob Marley made in a studio released is that some of them are pretty shaggy. This isn't terrible or anything, but it's a very wonky recording.

New Bomb Turks, "Polyster Thinking Cap"

Pissing Out The Poison is a singles collection pulling together an assortment of 7"s and compilation appearances from their early years. The New Bomb Turks were at their best when they were at their rawest, and so having more of their early material is nice. As a compilation, it's not as coherent as their debut album, and the songs are a little uneven, but it's still a fun record.

The Beatles, "I Will"

I kinda forgot about this song. In my defense, there are a fair number of forgettable songs on the White album. Like...that one? Or the other one?

Cursive, "Mama, I'm Swollen"

The title track of this album, which was a departure from their usual sound. It's quieter, less prone to switching back and forth. I mean, in general, this song still sounds a lot their previous material.

As always, I don't know what I'm talking about.

Joshua Buergel
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