Five Songs, 2/9/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/9/2018

Nice list today.

Floor, "Kallisti"

This sounds like it could have been from an early 90s band in the Squirrel Bait family. Like, some long-lost Bitch Magnet track or something. There's nothing wrong with that, for the record!

(NB: this is a different take than the version shuffle pulled up.)

Dr. Dre, "Housewife"

As is often true with songs from 2001, you're best off just concentrating on the beat here.

Wilco, "No More Poetry"

Kind of nice to get the tracks from Alpha Mike Foxtrot just mixed in with other stuff. It's a lot to take in as one go, but it works well this way.

Meat Beat Manifesto, "Deviate"

Meat Beat Manifesto is definitely on the list of acts that I'm really glad this project has dug back up for me. There are a bunch of bands I used to listen to and stopped for no good reason. This stuff still sounds pretty good!

Belle & Sebastian, "Nobody's Empire"

The opener of Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, and a sign that Belle & Sebastian were back. This is just a beautiful piece of pop craftsmanship.

Joshua Buergel
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