Five Songs, 10/29/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/29/2017

Without noticing, I passed six moths of doing this stuff. Nice. Here's today's tunes.

Unsteady, "Me"

Another track from Unsteady's fantastic Double or Nothing, this sarcastic song contains the genius line "I'm a blessed martyr to the church inside my head", which I think about a lot. Anyway, the ratio of "how much I like this album" to "how much the rest of the world has heard of this album" is just about as high as it gets on this record.

Lambchop, "Nashville Parent"

From the mighty Lambchop, we have this gorgeous chamber pop number. Listen to those strings!

Down By Law, "Break The Walls"

We've heard from Dave Smalley with Dag Nasty and he'll eventually come up with All, but here we have him with the band he started after he left All after two albums. Down By Law had a big rotating cast of members from various other bands, but it was really Smalley's band more than anything else. Like his other projects, it specialized in emotional punk, so if you like the other stuff mentioned here, it's worth looking into.

Negativland, "I Am God"

One of the many talents of Negativland was their ability to dig up various recordings of people saying crazy shit about religion. Those talents are on full display here on something I am actually comfortable calling a song, unlike some of their other compositions. I guess it's a bit of a spiritual successor to "Christianity is Stupid".

Pavement, "Baptist Backtick"

We haven't seen Pavement since the very first one of these! Welcome back, Pavement! Anyway, one thing Pavement was known for, particularly on their early records, was a lackadaisical approach to assembling the songs on their albums. They would frequently include things which were pretty slapdash. Some of their stuff was a real mess. You can imagine what their b-sides were like!

Well, you don't actually have to imagine: Westing (By Musket And Sextant) has your back! Included are all their early singles and EPs, which provide a comprehensive look at their early career. And if their early albums were shaggy, this collection is downright chaotic. There are certainly some good songs in here, and there are a bunch of songs that might have been good with some polish, and then there is a bunch of junk. I'd rate it as mostly for completists only.

Joshua Buergel
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