Five Songs, 3/11/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/11/2018

A hazard of this project is that I won't always have much to say. Sorry about that! At least I have music for you.

Claw Hammer, "Caravan"

Claw Hammer was a bit of a strange band in the underground of the 90s. For starters, their first album wasn't really their album. It was just a cover of the entirety of Devo's first album. Jon Wahl sang in some kind of demented John Fogerty meets Joe Strummer kind of howl. They sounded like a blues band crashed into a punk band and decided they liked it that way. Through it all, they clearly were just doing their own thing. They were often exasperating, but sometimes brilliant.

As befits a band plowing their own furrow, they decided to make an EP called 'Scuse the Excursion, which is jazz covers (plus one original). Why not?

Cave In, "Everest"

I basically missed Cave In while they were A Thing, so I don't have a whole lot to say about them. This comes from a Hydra Head grab bag, and it's not bad, but I'm not sure I love it either. Seems kind of hard rock-y to me.

Joyce Manor, "Reversing Machine"

Joyce Manor sounding almost exactly like Cursive here. That's not so bad! I like Cursive a lot. We haven't had Cursive yet! I'm talking about the wrong band!

Mr. Lif, "A World Without Music"

This is from The Life & Death Of Scenery, one of his post-comeback albums, where he's showing that he didn't lose anything during that seven year hiatus. I don't have a ton to say today, I think.

Run the Jewels, "CREOWN"

And one of the Meow the Jewels remixes. I think we're done here!

Joshua Buergel
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