Five Songs, 3/13/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/13/2018

Nice set today!

Baroness, "Desperation Burns"

I mentioned last time around that everybody would have called these guys grunge if they had been around in the mid-90s. Tell me I'm wrong after listening to this!

Elvis Costello, "Pay It Back"

A jaunty little tune from his debut album, I'm not even entirely sure how to describe this. That's because I'm shitty at writing about music. Good thing I go ahead and fail at it every day!

Screeching Weasel, "A New Tomorrow"

Anthem For A New Tomorrow is the best Screeching Weasel album because it actually contains the occasional song on it that breaks out of the Ramones worship that pervades the rest of their work. This song, for instance, is basically a Jawbreaker song (with Ben Seasel singing on it).

J-Zone, "Baldylocks"

The line "I slap the scalp with a spatula for psychin' out a brother / and lookin' like an Ohio Players album cover" pops into my head a lot.

Melvins, "House of Gasoline"

This is the closer of Hold It In, 9 minutes of solid Melvins crunch followed by three minutes of fuckin' around. But whatever, the Melvins are always worth it.

Joshua Buergel
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