Five Songs, 3/17/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/17/2019

Emerald City Comic Con today! I've been going every year, since the oldest was around four, because it's nice to just kind of check out what's going on in comics. It's not really ever been my hobby, I've only dabbled in it. But it's an adjacent hobby to my biggest, tabletop gaming, and it's just fun being in that atmosphere. Being crammed into the convention center with all those people is less than awesome, but it's still one of my favorite annual rituals.

Anyway, here's today!

Sannhet, "Sinking Forward"

Sannhet's Revisionist was one of my favorite random discoveries of 2015. I picked it up after a good review on a blog, and the instrumental metal/post-rock here fit me perfectly. There's definitely a bit of post-hardcore feel to it also, as parts of the album would be perfectly at home on a Bitch Magnet record or the like. These occasional out-of-nowhere finds are what keep me out there buying random records unheard.

Spymob, "I Still Live At Home"

What the hell is this? "Spymob"? I appear to have this entire album, so I'm guessing I bought this at some point. Hmm...2004...nope, I got nothin'. Let's listen together!





Sicko, "Summer Never Came"

All "S"-band day! Anyway, all you long time listener/readers of Five Songs (both of you) know by now that Sicko rules with an iron fist. Always thrilled to have them come up!

Bobby Wilson, "Let Me Down Slow"

Well, "Stax" starts with "S", anyway. At any rate, I'll forgive this song, because listen to that organ! That groove! I could just listen to Stax shit all day long and be perfectly happy. Also, this appears to be a repeat, so SIX SONGS.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Suck My Kiss"

Well, "Suck My Kiss" starts with "S"...ok, it's dead. Anyway, you've all heard this song.

Bob Dylan, "Most Likely To Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)"

Is this the first time we've had Dylan? I'm not going to check, my archives are a mess at the moment. I'm not a Dylan scholar or anything, but this is my favorite Dylan record. Highway 61 Revisited might be slightly better on average, but this is longer, so it gets the edge. Uh, that's insightful.

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