Five Songs, 3/25/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/25/2021

Panopticon, "Bodies Under The Falls"

This is one of the three epic (10+ minute) songs on Kentucky, where Panopticon really lets the black metal blast out. But even among the fury, he takes the time to have that interlude in the middle. It's just a super interesting fusion. Listen to the...flutes? pipes?...on the outro. Just good stuff.

Ezra Furman, "Love You So Bad"

I knew exactly zip about Ezra Furman when his 2018 album Transangelic Exodus showed up on some end of year lists. I know slightly more than zip now, with the thing I've learned: this album rips. Listen to this, this is basically a Cars song but with cello, which is bitchin'.

Anteloper, "Oryx"

Still in 2018 here! I actually think this was another record mined from the best-of lists that year, with this being a presented as an avant-garde jazz thing. And, you know, sure enough! Well, let's empty the ol' vault of knowledge on avant-garde jazz here for your enjoyment:

Isaac Green & The Skalars, "Bloodshot Eyes"

This is from the first Skalars record, and there's a charm with how they blend their ska with some vintage R&B and rock sounds. Their second album is fantastic and a big leap forward, but there were hints with this album that there was more going on than you'd expect.

Bob Marley & The Wailers, "There She Goes"

I think I've mentioned before that the compilation The Complete Wailers - 1967-1972 is a fantastic listen. Collecting a bunch of singles and stuff from that period, it's hard not to be charmed by the whole thing.

Joshua Buergel
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