Five Songs, 3/9/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/9/2018

Here's today.

Temprees, "Dedicated To The One I Love"

Old Stax track here, from the mid-point of their Atlantic years.

Atmosphere, "She Don't Know Why She Love It"

This is a bonus track from the deluxe version of Southsiders, which is probably my second favorite Atmosphere album (after Seven's Travels). There are some missteps in Atmosphere's discography, with the records between those two being pretty uneven, but those are excellent.

Bergraven, "Döende (en avslutning)"

Well, let's search the ol' memory banks...nope, no recollection. Grab bag find? Humble Bundle? Read some review on some music blog, bought it, forgot about it? Could be any of the above? The Internet tells me that this is a Swedish act, so...there you go. Now we both know one thing about Bergraven. This is the last song on this album, for what it's worth.



Yesterday's New Quintet, "The Birth of YNQ"

This is another moniker of Madlib, this project focusing more on the jazz end of his usual jazz/hip-hop fusion. This comes from his first album under that name, Angles Without Edges, which is a fun listen.

They Might Be Giants, "Last Wave"

This comes from their latest LP, I Like Fun, which just came out a few weeks ago. In terms of where I'd put it, it doesn't strike me as top tier, but it's a solid record. You know, if you like They Might Be Giants. (I do.)

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