Five Songs, 4/10/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/10/2021

Palace Brothers, "I Tried To Stay Healthy For You"

This is from the first Palace Brothers album, when it was not at all clear exactly who Palace Brothers were or who was playing on the album. It turned out to be Will Oldham, of course, who played with the Palace moniker for a while before recording under his own name and then Bonnie "Prince" Billy. While I think he'd do better work later as he settled in, the starkness of the arrangements and the gloom of the lyrics result in a super effective album for setting a mood. (That mood is "bummer".)

BIG|BRAVE, "Holding Pattern"

BIG|BRAVE play a sort of experimental kind of metal, sitting somewhere around drone and post-rock. There's a lot of use of repetition, particularly on the drums, that often gives a kind of hypnotic feel that's then broken up by Robin Wattie's vocals. This is from their most recent record, A Gaze Among Them.

Charles Mingus, "Haitian Fight Song"

Not a repeat! This is a different take of "Haitian Fight Song" than the last one we had. The song still rules with an iron fist, though.

Firewater, "Get Out Of My Head"

While I think Psychopharmacology is towards the weaker end of Firewater's albums (although it's still excellent), it does have this song which is both one of the more accessible tunes in their catalog and has those clever lyrics which are a neat encapsulation of their style.

Chali 2na, "Work It Out"

Chali 2na was easily my favorie MC in Jurassic 5, so I was excited for him to put out a solo record, Fish Outta Water. While it's always a pleasure to hear him on the mic, unfortunately, the beats aren't always that inspired and the album as a whole just doesn't quite hang together.

Joshua Buergel
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