Five Songs, 4/15/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/15/2022


And now, happy birthday to me! This concludes birthday week here at Five Songs.

Seam, "Sweet Pea"

I think this 1993 EP, Kernel, is actually my favorite Seam release, pound-for-pound. I'm not really sure why that is, exactly. It's not necessarily super differentiated from their other stuff. I just think the songs on here work really well for me. Pump it loud!

Silkworm, "Written on the Wind"

We're still in Josh's College Years here, my friends. It's a cut from my favorite Silkworm album, although it's tough to pick just one record. What I really like about Libertine in particular is that many of the songs have a tons of space in them to let Michael Dahlquist and Tim Midgett do their thing. Just a lovely record.

Built to Spill, "Strange"

Aw, not There's Nothing Wrong With Love? Couldn't keep it at the same time frame? Anyway, Ancient Melodies of the Future was the first post-peak Built to Spill record - still a fine album, but unable to keep pace with the previous records. I have grown to appreciate it more over the years, as I got over the disappointment that they were never going to make another Perfect From Now On. I'm able to just enjoy it for what it is instead of measuring it against the least fair yardstick ever.

The Isley Brothers, "Summer Breeze"

I'm here listening to this, having a gin and tonic, and it almost really does feel like summer! Except I'm inside a house and it's night.

Pat Van Dyke, "Clockwork"

And now a cut from Hello, Summer. Our theme today was "indie rock on the patio in the summer", and I think we're done here today!

Joshua Buergel
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