Five Songs, 4/22/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/22/2018

Today's music.

DJ Food, "Cookin'"

A collaboration between Coldcut (who we haven't had yet) and a couple other guys, DJ Food sits between electronic music and abstract hip-hop. They've put out a bunch of records, and as befits the guys behind Coldcut, the ones I've listened to are good quality. I think I prefer the main act, but they're still worth a go.

The Stingers, "Do The Cissy"

Kinda feel like this song name has aged oddly.

Sicko, "Closer To Fine"

Yes, a cover of the Indigo Girls song. There's a long, long tradition in punk of snotty covers of famous songs, but I kind of feel like this doesn't really fit. Yes, it's a transfer of styles, but they're playing it pretty straight. It doesn't seem disrespectful to me at all. They actually did a number of covers of songs pretty straight over their career.

The Emotions, "So I Can Love You"

A Stax double-header today!

The Dillinger Escape Plan, "Van Damsel"

Whew, that's jarring. I'd like to see what a song like this looks like on paper one day, that would be fun.

Joshua Buergel
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