Five Songs, 4/23/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/23/2021

Eddie Purrell, "The Spoiler"

There's that early Stax sound here. Dig those Memphis Horns!

Otis Redding, "Let Me Come On Home"

Hell yeah! Stax/Volt forever, y'all!

Ghost Funk Orchestra, "Fuzzy Logic"

Staying super cool today, I see. Ghost Funk Orchestra play around in that funk/soul space, with their spin being a fair bit of psychedelia and jazz folded into the mix. It's not a totally unique formula, but they handle it well, and there are some real cinematic elements to their sound that is super appealing.

Mono Puff, "Hillbilly Drummer Girl"

Eight years after name checking the Young Fresh Fellows on Flood, John Flansburgh covered them on the second Mono Puff record (It's Fun To Steal). Nothing wrong with this take, and it's nice to see the Fellows get attention, but there's not really any reason to listen to this instead of the original.

The Maytals, "It's You"

And here we are in the first wave of ska, in 1964, with a track from the first Maytals album. The Maytals were one of the pioneers of the sound, and it's easy to see how this stuff caught on given how joyous it sounds. This album was originally released as The Sensational Maytals and then re-issued as Sensational Ska Explosion with some bonus tracks including some alternate takes.

Joshua Buergel
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