Five Songs, 4/27/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/27/2017

I'm going to have to make myself an index of these bands in order to keep linking back to previous entries, but I suspect I'll be happy to have done that in the end.

Look out! Behind you! It's a playlist!

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, "Laventille Road March"

The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band is a side-project/alter ego of The Mighty Mocambos, a funk group from Germany. For this album, the band has added steel drums to the arrangements as a lead instrument, giving the whole enterprise a pretty unique feel, while still very much being instrumental funk. It's a fun project, and works better than it probably has any right to. This album is about half covers and half originals, and is recommended for anybody wanting more funk in their lives.

Mephiskapheles, "Calloused Boy"

Satanic ska weirdos Mephiskapheles are back, this time with a track off their third album, Might-ay White-ay. By the time of this album, a fair bit of the charm of the original had worn off, and the songs just aren't as fun or entertaining. This isn't even a ska song. Come on, guys! You put the reminder right in your name so you wouldn't forget! (In my brain, the reason ska bands use terrible ska puns for names is because the horn section would just start playing a march or something without a reminder.)

Modest Mouse, "Broke [Live]"

This is a track from Interstate 8, an album from before The Lonesome Crowded West, which is when the band really found themselves as far as I'm concerned. It's still very much recognizable as Modest Mouse, but the whole album isn't really quite there. For completists only.

Isaiah Rashad, "Tity and Dolla"

Here we go again with Isaiah Rashad, who I still don't remember getting. But, a twist! This is actually from a different album than last time! So, not only did I get an album from him, I managed to get two without ever really noticing it was happening. I apparently go into a music acquiring fugue sometimes? This probably doesn't surprise anybody.

The Magnetic Fields, "It's A Crime"

This is a song from 69 Love Songs, which is more or less what it says on the tin. As you might expect from any triple album, there's a lot of filler in it, but there's a some pretty catchy pop on there as well. I never, ever listen to the whole thing in one go, but a third of it? Sure.

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