Five Songs, 4/27/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/27/2021

Pete Rock & CL Smooth, "For Pete's Sake"

From the stone-cold classic Mecca And The Soul Brother, this song is typically excellent. Every song on this record hits hard, it's incredible.

PJ Harvey, "Ascending"

squinting Yeah, I suppose that this IS an ascending track, isn't it?

Thantifaxath, "The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel"

Sometimes, you just want black metal, unadulterated by other genres. We don't always have to mix it up with everything else! Thantifaxath does that well, and this hits the spot.

You know, for me. You probably don't want black metal. Most people don't!

Helmet, "Give It"

Helmet were one of the rare success stories of the plundering of the heavy underground, as their major label records were still excellent and really did benefit from the improved production. Sure, I miss the raw fury of their first record, but it's hard to argue that getting bigger wasn't the right progression for them.

Mr. Lif & L'Orange, "The Perfect World Radio Hour: Day 304"

Eh, interstitial track.

Joshua Buergel
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