Five Songs, 4/3/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/3/2018


Mu330, "Around You"

There's sort of a darker edge to this song, with the horns especially, which is fairly unusual among the third-wave bands that were Mu330's peers. Of course, this isn't ska, this is rock with horns.

Beck, "Strange Apparition"

Mostly, I look goofy, funky Beck more than the other versions of Beck, so I'm more drawn to those albums where he lets that side loose. The Information is the followup to Guero (which is one of the ones I like), so I was clearly hoping for more of the same. And, it's not really the same. It's not as loose, as spontaneous. But, you know, some of it works. Listen to how beautiful the production on this song is!

Baring Teeth, "Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins"

Well, basically out of stuff to say about this band. Sorry about that!

Son Volt, "Mystifies Me"

When 1996 dawned, it looked like of the two post-Uncle Tupelo bands, Son Volt was going to be the better one. Trace and A.M. were both out, and both were clearly following in the wake of Anodyne (the last Uncle Tupelo record). But Trace was more assured, the songs were stronger, and it just seemed like Son Volt was going to be the clear winner. That, of course, would have been a terrible guess.

The Pixies, "Classic Masher"

Ehhhhhh. Not every reunion works out.

Joshua Buergel
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