Five Songs, 4/30/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/30/2018

Good stuff today!

Devo, "Uncontrollable Urge"

The first track from the first album, here's how Devo first planted their flag. And listen to how sharp they sounded right out of the gate! My god, this is such a tight song. For people of my age, who really only knew Devo as the weirdos who did "Whip It", discovering that they had such great songs in their past was a real shock.

Dog Faced Hermans, "How We Connect"

Sounding more like The Nation Of Ulysses than anything else to me, the Dog Faced Hermans produced something between jazz, punk, and anarchic noise, which is a total delight. Frankly, I'd be happier if more punk bands had a trumpet around. Or a bugle, or any brass, really. The Cows had a bugle sometimes. I rest my case! Anyway, this is from Hum Of Life, which is excellent fun.

Bob Marley, "Love Light (Alternate)"

Listen to how much space there is in the instrumental track here. It just resonates so well with me. Everything just has so much room to breathe.

(NB: as is usual with these kinds of things, I couldn't find the exact same version I listened to, but this version is close.)

Circus Lupus, "Pop Man (12" Version)"

I love the idea that Circus Lupus released this song as a 12" single (12" singles mostly being used for playing in clubs). I mean, sure, why not! This was about as commercial as Circus Lupus ever got, mind you.

Floor, "Stalker"

Let's finish this up today with this punishing slow burn from Floor. Nice.

Joshua Buergel
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