Five Songs, 4/5/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/5/2018

All over the map today.

Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars, "green pepper"

All I can think about for the intro to this song is that this is authentic third-wave gibberish.

Chain Reaction, "Even If"

Well, it's happened again: I have no recollection of how this metal album ended up in my collection. As I re-started paying attention to metal, about nine or so years ago, I ended up with a few grab bags and bundles, and I didn't always digest every album in them. I think this must have been included in one of them.

Badly Drawn Boy, "Bewilderbeast"

A lovely song from the first Badly Drawn Boy album, I love the bit where the handclaps kick in and you get a little bit of the distorted guitar. More bands should make use of handclaps. Love a good handclap.

Curtis Mayfield, "Miss Black America"

Originally starting with the Impressions, Curtis Mayfield kicked off his solo career in 1970 with Curtis, and my god, what an album. I sort of feel like Mayfield gets a litte forgotten, even with the soul revival that's been going on in recent years thanks to Daptone Records, various great reissue labels, and plenty of great artists. But Mayfield's first few albums, culminating in his soundtrack to Super Fly, are some of the greatest soul records ever made. I mean, just listen to this! Just incredible.

Jon Bap, "Semantic Satiation"

I'm not really sure how to describe Jon Bap. The best label might just be "experimental", but as always, that term doesn't really tell you much. There's a lot of playing with different noises, rhythms, and song structures on this album. There are bits of jazz, the occasional hint of soul and R&B, and plenty of noise and collage. So, of course, I think this is great.

Joshua Buergel
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