Five Songs, 4/7/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/7/2022

The Mighty Mocambos, "Calling the Shots"

The immediacy of the drums here, both in their entry into the song as well as the production, really drives things here. That insistent bell, the grit and echo, it's fantastic. On top of that, those punchy horns, goddamn, I could just listen to this all day. And bari sax! Love it.

L'Orange & Mr. Lif, "Strange Technology"

I wonder what it is about hip-hop that pairs with sci-fi so successfully in a way that, say, rock music can struggle with. A lot of the time when rock tries to go sci-fi, it comes across as corny or ridiculous. But hip-hop can go futuristic without any real struggle, and there have been some awesome sci-fi hip-hop records. I suppose the beats can get kind of inorganic without stretching the genre too much, and that can help things.

Gas Huffer, "Psycho Devil Girl"

Now, head into a garage, and rock is right back at home!

This tune comes from the Estrus Lunch Bucket, a three 7" comp full of the sort of garage rock that Estrus kicked out so well. Alas, Estrus Records' discography is basically non-existent on streaming services. Some of that is because they were a small label, but I suspect much of it is that there was a tragic fire at their warehouse that destroyed many of the masters of their releases. At any rate, this is a fine example of the reason why I host my own music library. The streaming services are big and convenient, but by no means comprehensive.

Sicko, "Where I Live"

Pacific Northwest represent! Sicko rules! Gas Huffer rules! Fuck yeah rock!

Merle Haggard, "Teach Me To Forget"


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