Five Songs, 5/16/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/16/2021

Can-i-bus, "Get Retarded"

Hoo boy.

Steroid Maximus, "Quilombo"

Love that upright bass! We've had Steroid Maximus before, but this is one of J.G. Thirlwell's (Foetus, Wiseblood, Manorexia, Clint Ruin, etc) many aliases. Steroid Maximus is all instrumental, tending towards jazz and cinematic stuff. It's excellent, and this track gives a great sense for what you'd be in for.

The Slackers, "Don't Forget The Streets"

From the excellent 2008 album Self Medication, this is as good a self-summary of the band as they're likely to serve up. By the time they hit this album, it was clear that the Slackers were survivors. They started during the boom years of the third wave, and then endured the collapse of their first label, the implosion of the scene, and the derision of music fans. And through it all, they kept cranking out great tunes.

Lightning Bolt, "Dracula Mountain"

Dracula Mountain, one of the less popular Disney World rides. Although if they pumped this on a loop in it, it would be...phenominally unpopular.

Jesus Jones, "Who? Where? Why?"

Seems like I've talked about Jesus Jones a lot on this blog recently. Anyway, this was one of the many singles released from Doubt, although one of the less successful ones from that album.

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