Five Songs, 5/30/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/30/2017

Back from the holiday weekend, let's see what kicks off the work week for me!

Minor Threat, "It Follows"

Our first Ian MacKaye track! I don't think it's any big secret that Fugazi is my favorite band (says the guy who has a daughter with the middle name "MacKaye"), but Minor Threat is obviously great as well. Originators of the entire straight edge scene ("don't drink, don't smoke, don't fuck"), and hardcore punk pioneers, Minor Threat inspired so many earnest young people to start bands and make a racket. For that alone, they should be commended. They only put out one album and an assortment of singles, and they're all collected on Complete Discography, which is an essential release if you're into punk at all. I kind of want to stop here and just listen to this whole album. But I won't, because I'm a pro.

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, "Look-ka Py Py"

The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band return, this time for a cover of the mighty Meters song, "Look-ka Py Py". The Meters, of course, were one of the all-time great funk bands, so taking on one of their standards can be tricky. But, as always, the steel drums here are a fun addition to the usual funk formula, and the song comes off sounding pretty good. This track comes from a 45s compilation.

Freeway, "Flipside"

I've always liked Freeway, at least in no small part because he has good taste in producers. His collaboration with Jake One is probably my favorite record of his. On his debut album (which this song comes from), Just Blaze did most of the beats, including this one.

Isotope 217, "Audio Champion"

Post-rock side project of Tortoise, and sounding like it, Isotope 217 plays jazz-inflected improvisational rock. If that's a phrase that gets you excited, well, I have good news for you! You've found a new band!

matt pond PA, "New Kehoe NJ"

Indie rock band matt pond PA has been playing and evolving since 2000, playing rock and chamber pop, often with a confessional bent. At their best, they were really excellent, and have a bunch of records worth looking up, The Green Fury being my favorite.

Joshua Buergel
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